Spurdie (Sparrow)

(Inspired by Psalm 84, v. 3)

Gin God, oor LORD, taks note o’t fan
A spurdie faas te airth,
He shairly saaw, an witness’t weel,
Yer ain, dear Hivven-birth.

For, Mither, in yer quate wey,
Ye aye kint far te rest,
An, huddin bairnies up in pray’r,
By God’s Hoose, fand a nest.

Near-hand God’s altar, far e debt
O aa oor sins wis peyed,
Ye trauchl’t onward, blest in Luiv
Flowed fae Yer Saviour’s side.

An jist like fit e Psalmist said,
Ye fand peace ‘midst aa strife
Tho’ daiths and troubles cam, ye bade,
A brave, strang Ma, for life.

An here’s the thing I muse upon,
Dear Ma, te us God-given:
The spurdie fell, but rose again
An tuik ‘er flicht te Hivven.

An there ye bide, by Christ’s dear side,
Aa pain an trauchle free,
An ilky ene ye’ve left ahin
Breathes, “Mither, pray for me.”

(c) Bruce Gardner, 2019.